What Is Maintenance Person?

What are your top 3 skills?

The top ten skills graduate recruiters wantTeamwork.

Negotiation and persuasion.

Problem solving.



Perseverance and motivation.

Ability to work under pressure.

Confidence.More items….

What is a maintenance man job description?

Maintenance workers, also known as repair workers, fix and maintain mechanical equipment, buildings, and machines. Tasks include plumbing work, painting, flooring repair and upkeep, electrical repairs and heating and air conditioning system maintenance.

What are the duties of a maintenance worker?

ResponsibilitiesPerform cleaning activities such as dusting, mopping etc.Perform minor fixes such as repairing broken locks, filling gaps on walls etc.Check control panels and electrical wiring to identify issues.Install appliances and equipment.Do garden/yard upkeep by mowing lawn, collecting trash etc.More items…

What are maintenance skills?

Maintenance and janitorial skills are those related to repairing and maintaining the function and/or cleanliness of equipment, buildings, and machinery. Such skills are in high demand across the country, ranging from plumbers to carpenters to custodians.

What is a maintenance?

The technical meaning of maintenance involves functional checks, servicing, repairing or replacing of necessary devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure, and supporting utilities in industrial, business, governmental, and residential installations.

What is another name for maintenance worker?

What is another word for maintenance man?caretakercustodianjanitormaintenance personodd job manwardengroundskeepersuperintendentcleanersuper7 more rows

What is a maintenance team member?

Assists maintenance personnel with technical troubleshooting. … Must perform preventative maintenance and routine machine checks.

What does general maintenance include?

General maintenance and repair workers fix and maintain machines, mechanical equipment, and buildings. They paint, repair flooring, and work on plumbing, electrical, and air-conditioning and heating systems.

What is a guest experience leader McDonalds?

A Guest Experience Leader is a unique position that brings a new level of service to McDonalds. … We can encourage guests to use our kiosk, teaching some while introducing new menu items and features to our experienced guests. We are table service experts and encourage all other crew members to get involved.

What are the 4 types of maintenance?

Four general types of maintenance philosophies can be identified, namely corrective, preventive, risk-based and condition-based maintenance.

What is McDonalds crew?

McDonalds crew members work in the kitchen preparing food and at the front counter helping customers through the ordering process. Team member job duties include operating a cash register, running the drive-thru, cooking Big Macs and other menu items, cleaning the restaurant, and completing other assigned tasks.

What should I say in a maintenance interview?

Top 12 Maintenance Interview Questions & Answers What are the duties of a maintenance and repair worker? … What is the skill required to become maintenance and repair worker? … Mention what are the challenges that maintenance and repair work usually face? … What is the potential risk that repair and maintenance work usually face?More items…•

What does a maintenance person do at Mcdonald’s?

Primary job duties for McDonalds maintenance workers include installing, repairing, and maintaining restaurant grounds and equipment. Specific examples of responsibilities may include fixing drive-thru intercoms, installing new refrigeration units, and replacing old cash registers.

What skills does a maintenance man need?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced maintenance mechanic, here are the seven essential skills to include on any maintenance resume.Technical abilities. … Detail oriented. … Problem-solving ability. … Organizational skills. … Physical ability. … Able to work quickly under pressure. … Versatility.