Should I Use SQL Or MongoDB?

Why is MongoDB so expensive?

It offers more enhanced features than the other database platforms for which it required more resources This is one primary reason for its being more expensive than the customary MYSQL database.

It can be run on a cloud server.

The benefits of using MangoDB are many..

Which is better SQL or MongoDB?

MongoDB is more fast and scalable in comparison to the SQL server. MongoDB doesn’t support JOIN and Global transactions but the SQL server supports it. MongoDB supports a big amount of data but the MS SQL server doesn’t. … MongoDB schema is dynamic but MS SQL server schema is fixed.

Should I use MongoDB or MySQL?

You should use MongoDB if you don’t care about your data and don’t think you applications data needs will evolve much. If it gets very complex you may find using MongoDB to be a pain to use. You should use MySQL if you don’t care about your data and are willing to work around its quirks.

Does MongoDB use SQL?

MongoDB does not use SQL as a query language. … I would consider the Google App Engine Data Store NoSQL, and it uses a SQL-like query language GQL. The main reason we went the way we did with the query language – representing queries as JSON – was to normalize the data we are storing with the query mechanism.

Should you use MongoDB?

If you are doing that, you should consider MongoDB. Companies and development teams of all sizes use MongoDB because: The document data model is a powerful way to store and retrieve data that allows developers to move fast. MongoDB’s horizontal, scale-out architecture can support huge volumes of both data and traffic.

Why is MongoDB bad?

You may end up having a lot of duplicate data, as MongoDB does not support well-defined relationships. Updating this duplicate data can be hard and, also due to lack of ACID compliance, we might end up having corrupted data.