Quick Answer: What Is A Mushy Person?

What does mushy mean in a relationship?

sentimentalMushy means sentimental, or as the word says, it is being influenced by tender feelings, well, whether it’s in a slow-motion or fast-forward manner.

In direct-to-the-point language, it affects the emotion..

What does feeling mushy mean?

1a : having the consistency of mush : soft. b : lacking in definition or precision. 2 : excessively tender or emotional especially : mawkishly amorous. Other Words from mushy Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about mushy.

What is pulpy?

1a : of, relating to, or containing pulp pulpy orange juice They are bigger—the size of cultivated blueberries—and have pulpy flesh and skin the purple-black color of eggplant.—

What does the slang word mush mean?

mush in British English (mʊʃ ) noun British. a slang word for face (sense 1) Collins English Dictionary.

What is mushy talk?

Mushy is a good word for talking about something that’s doughy or pulpy, whether it’s a hunk of modeling clay or your out-of-shape belly. Another way to use mushy is to mean sticky and sentimental, like a mushy love scene in a terrible movie or a mushy greeting card.

Is mushy positive or negative?

More ExamplesNegativeNeutralPositiveMushySentimentalSweetHyperactiveActiveEnergeticStubbornDeterminedSteadfastOverusedCommonPopular10 more rows

What’s another word for mushy?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for mushy, like: pulpy, mashy, muddy, romantic, maudlin, effusive, soft, emotional, sentimental, corny and gooey.

Is mushy a real word?

adjective, mush·i·er, mush·i·est. resembling mush; pulpy. Informal. overly emotional or sentimental: mushy love letters.

What is a mushy movie?

informal + disapproving : too romantic or sentimental. a mushy movie/novel.

What does mush mean in Welsh?

Mush – A term of endearment often used by people from Swansea. Buildings in Swansea ©Tom Bastin/Flickr. Mitching – To skip school. The Welsh equivalent of playing truant from school. Lush – Used to describe something very, very nice.