Quick Answer: How Do You Use Population Density In A Sentence?

What is population density example?

Population density is the average number of individuals in a population per unit of area or volume.

For example, a population of 100 insects that live in an area of 100 square meters has a density of 1 insect per square meter..

What are the factors that affect the density of population?

Physical factors that affect population density include water supply, climate, relief (shape of the land), vegetation, soils and availability of natural resources and energy. Human factors that affect population density include social, political and economic factors.

What is a sentence for population density?

When India reaches its one billionth person, it will have a population density of 788 people per square mile. Our population density is fifteen hundred to the square mile. The population density of the Union is 25.6 to the square mile.

What is a good sentence for population?

Population sentence examples. The population of the nearest big city was growing. Half the population of his planet had been decimated by famine and war. By 2020, it is estimated that five billion people will be online, representing two-thirds the population of the planet.

What does the population density mean?

Population density is the number of people living in an area. It is worked out by dividing the number of people in an area by the size of the area. So, the population density in an area is equal to the number of people per sq km, divided by the size of the area in sq km.

What does population density mean for kids?

The population density of a country or city or other place is a number showing how crowded that place is. It is calculated by dividing the population by the area.