Quick Answer: How Do I Contact Optus Australia?

How many email addresses can I have with Optus?

With a secondary email account you can access your own, free OptusNet email address and mailbox.

The account holder can add, change or remove up to 14 additional secondary email accounts..

How do I create a new Optus email address?

This can be done directly in My Account just follow these steps: Login into your My Account > On the dashboard – scroll down > click on your username to expand > Click on Settings (right hand side) > Click Manage next to Optus email account > Add email account > Fill out page (full name, username, password) > press ok.

Can I email Optus?

Unfortunately, we don’t take enquiries via email. For the best experience, we suggest messaging us through the My Optus app . If you don’t have the app, simply head to the app store to download the My Optus app. For those who prefer, you can also message us on My Account.

How do I talk to a real person at Optus?

Re: Trying to speak to Optus customer service!! You can try calling 131344 – Our technical teams are open 24×7.

How do I chat with Optus?

Live Chat can be reached on this link → https://www.optus.com.au/livechat. You can also get in touch with them via the My Optus app.

What number do I call to check my Optus balance?

Text the word ‘bal’ to 9999 to receive an SMS with your Prepaid account balance. To hear your Prepaid balance over the phone, call 555 from your mobile phone and choose ‘Option 1’.

How do I speak to an Australian at Foxtel?

Phone: 1300 130 799. Mon – Sun: 8am – 8pm. Existing customers. … Phone: 1300 657 346. Overseas calls.Phone: +61 3 8325 2701. Accessibilities. … TTY: 133 677 then enter 131 999.Speak and Listen: 1300 555 727 then ask for Foxtel. Business & media enquiries. … Phone: (02) 9813 6000. Public affairs and media email contact:

How do I contact Telstra by phone?

Contact usSales. Call 13 2000. Sales.Accounts and billing. Call 13 2000. Accounts and billing.Concierge tech support. Call 13 2999. Concierge tech support.nbn. Call 13 2000. nbn.Other Options. Multilingual services. Business Technology Centres.

Does Optus have a call Centre in Australia?

We do have call centres in India, Philippines and Australia however it is not possible to route a call to any particular country as it is just given to the next representative available to take the call.

How do I speak to someone at Telstra Australia?

Hello, Do you mean you are overseas at present? If so, +61 2 9242 0570. If you mean you are in Australia, and want to talk to an Australian call centre re Big Pond email, the calls are sent off to the Philipines.

How do I complain to the NBN?

by phone to 1800 687 626 • by mail Locked Bag 27, Gold Coast MC, 9726 • by fax to Complaint Team 1800 106 033. nbn will seek to acknowledge written complaints within 2 working days.

What is the email address for Optus?

Hi @gasman, you can find your username on your bill or via My Account. The email address is just your username @OPTUSNET.com.au.

Does TPG have Australian call Centre?

You’ll find that TPG has call centres across Australia, but also in India and the Philippines.

Where can I complain to Optus?

To lodge a complaint with the TIO you can call 1800 062 058 (1800 675 692 from a TTY handset) or contact them via their website tio.com.au Please note that you will need a complaint number issued by Optus, and the TIO will expect that you have attempted to resolve the complaint with Optus before lodging a TIO complaint …