Quick Answer: Can I Do MCA After BSC?

What can I do after BSc?

Top Academic Courses to Pursue After B.ScM.Sc (Master of Science) This is the most obvious choice for B.Sc graduates for higher studies.

MCA (Master of Computer Application) …

MBA (Master of Business Administration) …

Data Science.

Machine Learning.


Is MCA a 2 year course?

Master of Computer Application (MCA) will henceforth be a two-year programme, the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) announced on Tuesday. So far, the degree programme was of three years’ duration. … “Henceforth, the MCA course shall be of two years duration from 2020-21.

Which is better MCA or MSC it after BSc?

MCA is always a better option than MSc. If you are interested and good at programming and mathematics and want to see yourself as a Software Developer in the future, then go ahead with MCA.

Can PCB student do MCA?

Yes, you can go for Dual Degree BCA-MCA Duration ( 5 yrs.) … After completing a BCA from a PCB background, should I learn maths for an MCA?

Can I join MCA after BSc?

Yes, you are eligible for MCA because one of my friends is teacher in collage and he first do Bsc in computer science from du and MCA from IP and now he is teaching in a collage of you. Yes, you can do, but Math must be one subject in either 10+2 or Bachelor degree level. It also depends on university.

Can a BA student do MCA?

yes, you can study MCA after completing BA but you need to have mathematics as one of your subjects at 10+2 level.

Is MCA a good career option?

Best Career Options after MCA – Master of Computer Application (MCA) is a job-oriented course that helps students pursue a career in IT (Information Technology) or equivalent field. … Therefore, MCA can be one of the best career options for the aspirants who are looking for jobs in the IT sector.

Is a BSc a good degree?

Definitely pursuing a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree is a good choice other than opting for some professional courses. … Nowadays, a very large list of subjects, irrespective of whether a BA or a BSc degree, is available to take forward your career.

Is MSC it equivalent to MCA?

Msc IT includes network paper (major papers) and in MCA include software paper (major papers), So Msc IT is not equivalent to MCA. MCA is quite equivalent to BE/BTech (Computer Science/IT). So many software companies even recruit BE/BTech (CS/IT) and MCA students for the same job.

Is MCA a good option after BSc?

Yes it is good to do MCA after bsc because only the bsc degree will not give you a better job. … You can get job as a software engineer or software test engineer after completion of MCA. But if you intend to opt B. Tech-IT then you can get direct admission in 2nd year of B.

Can a MCA student get job in Google?

Yes. Google does hire MCA students. … Tech students will compete with you, so you need to be strong at your subjects.

Which field is best in BSc?

B Sc courses that guarantee good jobs after graduation-#1 B Sc Agriculture.#2 B Sc Horticulture.#3 B V Sc (Veterinary Science)#4 B Sc Forestry.#5 B Sc Biotechnology.#9 B F Sc (Fisheries Science)# B Sc Nursing (update)# B Sc Nautical Science (update)

What are the top 5 Chemistry careers?

Top 10 Chemistry JobsAnalytical Chemist.Chemical Engineer.Chemistry Teacher.Forensic Scientist.Geochemist.Hazardous Waste Chemist.Materials Scientist.Pharmacologist.More items…•

Is MCA a software engineer?

Popular Companies for Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Software Engineering Degrees. Pay ranges for people with a Master of Computer Applications (MCA), Software Engineering degree by employer.

Can I get job after MCA?

Other lucrative job profiles one can consider after pursuing an MCA degree are that of a Network Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Analyst, Software Programmer/Developer, Software Application Architect, Systems Analyst, Software Consultant etc.

Can I do MCA after BSc biology?

Being a B.Sc degree holder, you can apply for MCA. Admission to this professional degree is done through entrance exams. Qualifying NIMCET allow candidates to pursue MCA from NIT. Minimum of 60% marks in 12th and graduation is required to apply for NIMCET.

Is MCA or MSc it better?

Usually done after BCA, MCA courses are done by students as they are lengthier and more expensive than the MSc IT courses. Also, MCA graduates have an edge over MSc graduates as the curriculum of MCA includes management modules also. … Also, the MSc students get an extra year for preparation for various entrance exams.

Does MCA have value?

Candidates having an MCA degree may have great employment opportunities in top IT companies and top consultancy firms. At present, with the advancement of IT & Communication systems, people with good computer application skills are highly demanded in IT sector.

What is the salary of MCA in India?

Average Salary of MCA Graduates – Experience WiseExperienceSalary per monthFor FresherRs. 15,000 – Rs. 36,0001 -3 yearsRs. 26,000 – Rs. 44,000Above 5 yearsRs. 40,000 – Rs. 1,50,000Avg. Salary for MCA in USA$1500 – $3500Dec 10, 2018

Is MBA easier than MCA?

Both are equally tough. It basically depends on what subjects you pursued in graduation. BCA makes MCA easier as well as BBA makes MBA easier. All depends on dedication you have which can make any course easier!

Is btech better than MCA?

MCA is a Post Graduate (PG) Professional Degree, Where as BE / Btech is just an Under Graduate (UG) Degree. So, MCA Degree Holders usually get MORE Respect and Recognition than a BE / Btech. MCA is Equivalent to ME (Computer Science and Engineeri… Masters is always MORE and HIGH VALUE than a Bachelors.

Can BCA student apply for MSC?

Yes ! You can apply for MSC CS/IT after BCA And it is a good choice if you mant to do masters from CS field too. The difference between MSC & MCA is that MSC is a 2 years course while MCA is 3 years course but MCA with lateral entry after doing BCA is 2 years too.

Is MCA tough?

Numerous reasons are there why the Masters in Computer applications is considered to be a tough course. One can say that the reason behind this is the duration of this program is 3 years and not the normal 2 years like any other postgraduate level program.

Can a biology student do MCA?

Dear shiavangi,yes you can do MCA form any college. there is no problem from your Bio and Maths.!! Dear shiavangi,yes you can do MCA form any college.