Question: Where Do We Use Several?

What is considered several?

The dictionary defines Several as more than two but not many.

a number of, a few, not very many, a handful of, a small group of.

I’d take that to mean more than 2 less than 10.

Several, few, handful, bunch and some..

Is 4 a few or several?

She thinks “a few” refers to “maybe 2-3 items” while “several” refers to “maybe 3-6.” Her husband says “a few” is 4-7 items. Few is the opposite of many. It derives from words having the meaning of “small” and “little.” It is related to Latin paucus (little, few) and even puer (child/boy).

Is several more than many?

“Several” is used to mean more than “some” but less than “many.” Again, there is no exact number. The dictionary says it means more than a few but not a great number.

Does a few mean 3 or 5?

It has never been used of a definite number, unlike couple: from the very beginning, few was used of a comparatively small number. … In neither case can you definitely say that few refers to a number between, say, 3 and 10.

Is a few 3 or 4?

Actually, no. While many people would agree that “a few” means three or more, the actual dictionary definition of “a few” is, “not many but more than one.” So, “a few” cannot be one, but it can be as low as two.

How many is several hundred?

To me, hundreds of something is higher than several hundred. I would think that if there were 300 or 400, they would say “several hundred”. If they say “hundreds”, I think it’s 500 or more, up to almost 800 or 900.

Does several mean 7?

By definition, several means three or more (but often less than many, which we will cover next.) So, if several party-goers out of a group of nine were intoxicated, several could correctly be translated as three or four. If five party-goers were intoxicated, that would usually be stated as most.

Where do we use each and every?

Each is a way of seeing the members of a group as individuals, while every is a way of seeing a group as a series of members. These distributives can only be used with countable nouns. They are normally used with singular nouns, and are placed before the noun. In many cases, they are interchangeable.

How do you use several times?

Several sentence examplesAfter several rings, it went to the message. … On the way across the open water, they saw several dolphins. … It took me several minutes to respond. … We hadn’t spoken in several weeks. … In fact, he had displayed that emotion several times. … She spelled “water” several times.More items…

How many is several hours?

So two or three hours means a few hours, and six, twelve or fifteen hours means several.

How many is a few and several?

A couple is generally around two, a few is more than that, but usually less than five, and several is around five or more, a number that can be severed into smaller groups.

What is several minutes mean?

Several is a word that shows size or number when you can’t be specific or when you want to summarize. In case the time estimated for a task is maximum of Two Minutes you can say “Couple of Minutes”.