Question: How Do I Set Up A Monthly DBS Transfer?

How can I transfer money every month?

If you want to keep your current bank you can start a 2nd account with a larger bank.

Link your current account to it and have that bank take the rent out from your account every month.

Then use that bank’s bill pay program to set up a payment to your aunt’s account..

How long does DBS bank transfer take?

For Non-Instant Funds Transfers, transfers carried out before 8pm on a working day (Monday to Friday), the funds debited from your DBS or /POSB account will be available to the receiving account two working days later. Otherwise, it will be available to the receiving account three working days later.

What is onetime transfer?

One-time transfers may be made at any time and are immediately debited from a checking or savings account’s available balance or a credit account’s available credit. Future dated or recurring transfers scheduled for a weekend or a non-business day will be debited from the funding account on the prior business day.

Can you set up a recurring payment on Zelle?

How do I set up a recurring payment plan with Zelle®? Once you log in to online banking, choose Payments, and then select Send Money with Zelle®. On the Enter Amount screen, select Change, and then choose Frequency to set up your recurring payment.

How do I set up a recurring transfer?

How to set up a recurring External Account Transfer?Select Transfers and choose Manage My Transfers.Select External Transfers.Enter the amount you’d like to transfer, select the From and To accounts, and select Make Recurring.Choose the start date for your recurring transfer.Select Frequency to choose how often you’d like your transfer repeated.More items…

How do I do a bank transfer with DBS?

Transfer Funds to Other DBS/POSB AccountLog in to digibank Online with your User ID and PIN.Select Transfer and click Other DBS or POSB Account.Log in with your 6-Digit iB Secure PIN.Choose the Recipient you wish to transfer your money to.Select the Account you wish to transfer from.Select the Currency and indicate the Amount you wish to transfer.More items…