How Many Classes Can Be Defined In A Single Program?

Can a class call itself?

A class is in scope of its own members, so you can create instances of it..

Can a class contain object of itself?

A class declaration can contain static object of self type, it can also have pointer to self type, but it cannot have a non-static object of self type.

What is class member function in C++?

Member functions are operators and functions that are declared as members of a class. Member functions do not include operators and functions declared with the friend specifier. These are called friends of a class. … The definition of a member function is within the scope of its enclosing class.

How many objects can be declared of a specific class in a single program?

2. How many objects can be declared of a specific class in a single program? Explanation: You can create as many objects of a specific class as you want, provided enough memory is available. 3.

What happens if a user forgets to define a constructor inside a class?

Also if any user forgets to define init() function then no object will be initialized whereas if any constructor is not defined in any class the class provides a default constructor for initialization. 3. What is a copy constructor?

When you create an object of a class A like a obj then which one will be called automatically?

Explanation: Constructors are the member functions which are called automatically whenever an object is created. It is a mandatory functions to be called for an object to be created as this helps in initializing the object to a legal initial value for the class.

How we can create an object of a class?

To create an object of MyClass , specify the class name, followed by the object name, and use the keyword new :Example. Create an object called ” myObj ” and print the value of x: public class MyClass { int x = 5; public static void main(String[] args) { MyClass myObj = new MyClass(); System. … Example. …

Can we create object of a class inside the same class?

In java you cannot create a method outside of a class. All methods must be encapsulated within a class. Therefore the main method as an entry point to the program must be within a class. … In your case it creates an object of the enclosing class TestClass .

What method is called just before an object is instantiated?

Instantiating an Object new requires a single argument: a call to a constructor method. Constructor methods are special methods provided by each Java class that are responsible for initializing new objects of that type. The new operator creates the object, the constructor initializes it.

Can a class create an instance of itself?

And finally, a class creating an instance of itself is also used to create singletons where the first call creates an instance of itself and subsequent calls return the instance. An good example of the Factory design pattern in the JDK is the BorderFactory class.

How many private members are allowed in a class?

How many private member functions are allowed in a class? Explanation: There are no conditions applied on the number of private member functions that can be declared in a class. Though the system may restrict use of too many functions depending on memory. 8.

Which among the following can be used together in a single class?

2. Which among the following can be used together in a single class? Explanation: All the classes can use any of the specifiers as needed. There is no restriction on how many of them can be used together.

What are programming classes?

In object-oriented programming, a class is an extensible program-code-template for creating objects, providing initial values for state (member variables) and implementations of behavior (member functions or methods). … In these languages, a class that creates classes is called a metaclass.

Which class can have member function without their implementation?

Which class can have member functions without their implementation? Explanation: Abstract classes can have member functions with no implementation, where the inheriting subclasses must implement those functions.

Is constructor a member function in C++?

Constructors in C++ Constructor is a special member function of a class that initializes the object of the class. Constructor name is same as class name and it doesn’t have a return type.