How Do You Say Keep You Posted?

How do you reply to I will keep you posted?

Please keep me posted.

Telling him in person or via email will probably suffice.

In response, if he is just referring to the ongoing status of a project, you may want to say, “Ok.

I’ll keep you updated.” Alternatively, if he is waiting for some specific information, i.e., a response from a client, you may say, “Ok..

Where did the phrase Keep me posted come from?

The origin of the expression to keep someone posted is lost in the mists of time. It may have come from the verb to post meaning to nail public documents and information to a wooden post in the public square, a common practice in the Middle Ages. Another possibility is the use of the word post to mean mail.

How do you use the word update?

Update sentence examplesI’ll update your address list virtually over the next few years. … “Update on the tears,” he directed. … Though I was anxious to speak with Detective Jackson for an update, it was too early to call.More items…

What does it mean I’ll keep you posted?

to regularly give someone information about something that they are interested in, for example how a situation is changing or developing. Not much has happened so far, but I’ll keep you posted. Synonyms and related words. + To tell someone something, or to give information.

Will keep you posted in a sentence?

I’ll keep you posted. or looking for acquisitions, let us know and we’ll keep you posted. We’ll keep you posted with the award winners next week. The Society will keep you posted on future developments.

Do update me meaning?

This phrase has a simple meaning: “Please update me on what’s going on.” Your boss might say this when he wants an update on your progress with a project and you can give him a brief overview of progress so far to get him ‘up to speed’.

Will we keep in touch?

Keep in touch is an idiom. “In touch” means “in or into communication”. In business, keep in touch usually means “keep posting information to each other”. For close friends, I usually take it as “let’s stay close” (as in close friends), by making a call or writing (or tweet, post, etc.) to each other from time to time.

Will let you know if there are any issues?

Please let me know if there is any issues vs Please let me know if any issues. The correct phrase would be “Please let me know if there are any issues.” The word “issues” is a plural noun that needs a verb in the third-person plural. “Is” is the third-person singular of the verb “be,” so this is incorrect.

What do you mean by post?

post- a prefix, meaning “behind,” “after,” “later,” “subsequent to,” “posterior to,” occurring originally in loanwords from Latin (postscript), but now used freely in the formation of compound words (post-Elizabethan; postfix; postgraduate; postorbital).

What is the mean of update?

The definition of an update is a report with new information, or a new statement or status on a social networking site. An example of an update is a news bulletin about a fire. … To inform (someone) with the latest information.

What is keep posted?

to make sure someone knows what is happening, esp. in a situation that is quickly changing: The doctors kept me posted about her condition.

Do keep me posted?

Please keep me posted means to keep someone up-to-date on a situation. The person wants to know when something new develops in regards to an ongoing situation in which they, too, are interested in the outcome.

How do you say please let me know in a formal way?

Have a look to see how many you are already familiar with!Keep me posted.Keep me updated.Keep me in the loop.Tell me if you find anything.Keep me informed.Fill me in when you get a chance.Let me know your thoughts.Get back to me when you can.More items…•

How do you politely ask for a status update?

Requesting Status Updates1 Ask. Drop the “checking in” wind-up and ask for an update politely and directly. … 2 Open with context. … 3 Send a friendly reminder. … 4 Offer something of value. … 5 Reference a blog post they (or their company) published. … 6 Drop a name. … 7 Recommend an event you’re attending in their area.

What is a more formal way of saying I will keep you updated?

“I will keep you updated” is already considered formal, but you could also say “I will keep you apprised” or “I will keep you informed”. “I will keep you informed.” As a lawyer, one of the most common ways to express this sentiment is “I/We will keep you appraised of further developments”.

How do you say I will let you know professionally?

I’ll inform you. I will tell you. You’ll be informed….You can try the following:I will keep you updated.I will get back to you on this in some time.I will keep you posted.I will inform you at my earliest (a little more formal however)

How do you say I will contact you soon?

“I will contact you soon” is quite formal. You could get more specific and say, “I will reach out to you in with the by .”

Will we keep informed or informed?

inform = present tense. informed = past tense. Why the second one is correct. You mean the verb after keep can not use present tense.